Website and app development


How much do you  pay for a website? what budget should you allocate?  Talk to us and we can guide you with straight forward advice on what you need from a marketing point of view

We can create a responsive website with content management system (CMS) from £750, or commission a £35,000 bespoke ecommerce and sales management system.

Our associated company LIFEAPPSLAB  team has been building and deploying website designs for over twelve years and they range from high quality responsive websites to complex fully fledged transactional software applications that manage sales process automatically, while acting as a portal for multiple dealers.

And it is not only websites we develop here in Plymouth. Our team have developed Apps that feature on Itunes and we have a pipeline of exciting Apps under development. Our latest venture is the development and programming of a unique flexible nursery booking system and App for busy parents. Take a look at our LIFEAPPSLAB.COM website.

Good website design adds value to your service or product. It is an acknowledged way to influence buyer perceptions and combined with relevant marketing focused website propositions can drive leads and stimulate action.

Combine that with our search marketing skills (SEO LAB) partner and you have an integrated online marketing suite that will deliver excellent return on investment.

Our offices are in Plymouth Devon and our web design team are keen to work with businesses to improve online internet marketing by providing website advice through to website application development and marketing consultancy.