Macgregorstaples is Andy Staples branding consultancy.

Andy ran CODE, Company of Designers and before that CMA. That means he knows a lot about agencies, marketing communications and business.

Sometimes it is difficult to see outside the box; let alone think outside the box.

So, why not call me in to stimulate new vision? A day will deliver you marketing advice, objective thought and a set of new ideas to get you going. It will also bring you a pragmatic view of where to change for the better.

More ideas equals better value

I realised some years ago that having flexibility when it comes to creative resources like designers and writers means you get a better result. Choice helps.

Now you can choose from designers around the world to provide your design solutions. It is called ‘crowd sourcing’ and I can manage that for you.

I specialise in bringing associates together to fix your marketing challenges and then move on.

I like brand development

I have a track record in creative branding and marketing communications. I also know how to spot a campaign idea that has ‘leg’s and when a logo is being touted as a brand.

I can also see through the social hype and get you grounded in what really matters in marketing!

The majority of my experience and projects involve planning and developing marketing communications campaigns for significant professional services organisations, manufacturers, the public sector and educational organisations. I can assemble a specialist project team at the drop of a hat. I have a great network.

This brings advantages to you. I do not carry heavy overheads and I can get the best creative talent for you. You will be working with senior, experienced people that can deliver new thinking and creative energy at competitive rates.My original business was founded in Plymouth way back in 1985.

Why have limited creative resources working on your marketing project?

With the web, the world is your creative oyster as they say… designers from around the globe want to help and with the right creative direction we can use them. I can deliver experienced branding, marketing and design communications consultancy in Plymouth. Call me and improve your business marketing communications and return on investment. 079 389 289 13