Plymouth University Research branding

The University of Plymouth conducts world class research in areas including: robotics, marine environments and civil engineering. The research activities are, however, dispersed throughout the campus and the objective was to create more overt visibility and engender a research community.

Macgregorstaples MD conducted research on competitors in the market place. As a result we recommended a total review of all marketing communications for research activities. This included the creation of a consistent communications hierarchy including; visual approach and tone of voice. This would be reinforced by the development of a research marque and a new web navigation strategy and exhibition materials.

A research logo was adopted by the research institutes and research centres. This was applied to a range of data sheets which were presented in a recyclable portfolio. A Research Expo, which linked to Graduation day, was created and used as the platform to launch a cohesive presentation of research impacts including the top 5 Plymouth discoveries. Each delegate was presented with a Research pack; the first time a co-ordinated overview of research had been published.