Day nursery management software

Achievers day nursery needed bespoke day nursery management software for their unique flexible day care nursery. They wanted to be flexible allowing parents to book online. Plus they wanted all the functionality to manage the nursery. Achievers had invested over £750,000 in their premises and wanted to ensure their systems were cutting edge.

we commisioned LIFEAPPSLAB to develop an online, secure CLOUD based booking and management system for the nursery which allowed parents to book through an on screen calendar which calculates the cost and accepts payment online. Along with the booking facility the system controls the day to day running of the nursery covering aspects such as key contact details, dietary needs, room occupancy and staff allocation.

The management system and booking interface went live early April 2013 and is proving to be attractive to the target market due to the flexibility of booking and acts as a significant aide in the management of the business.

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