Crowdsourcing creative solutions

I have managed creative teams for years and there is nothing better than having a group of creative people trying to solve a problem.

The trouble is employing oodles of people waiting for a client to turn up is not on now. Even major London Agencies use freelance talent… they always have. Just now they are using more and more of them. That’s why a guy in Cornwall can be working for an agency in Amsterdam… for Phillips it keeps cost low.. (I know this happens, I use him as well!).

So employing loads of people is not on…? Wrong. Crowdsourcing creative solutions is changing the world we creatives/marketers live in and it is better for your business. Why have one or two creatives when you can have thirty working on your project?

You want creative ideas don’t you? Let’s trawl the world for them. There is a catch however… and that is getting the brief right. Plus getting the strategy right before the brief.. and that is where I come in.

I can help you formulate your marketing and creative brief so you get the best results call me 07938928913