Brand development workshop

Planning your brand strategy

Don’t get confused between your visual identity and your brand. A visual identity can be a cosmetic fix, but a brand runs deep into your business. I will help you discover your brand values and business soul with a brand development workshop.

Some businesses confuse their brand with their organisation’s vision or mission, it is neither. Company vision and mission statements are all too inward looking. A brand is focused outwards and is how you are seen, or aspire to be seen by your target audience. It’s about perception, emotion, character, soul and trust.

It’s also about including your team in the discovery of your brand. Ask me about  a brand workshop .A brand strategy is central to your business strategy. So you need to be in command of what you want it to represent. Brands are about differentiating yourself – consistently. It’s so much more than your logo – it’s a vital business asset.

Brand planning is about creating compelling arguments that demonstrate your business can solve the challenges that your prospects have… and how you do it differently. I have a process that helps you develop your brand.

My brand workshops help you define your brand strategy. They are practical, interactive and hands-on, looking at key aspects of branding your business. I provide a creative and strategic programme to help realise your brand values and the essence of what you currently do that makes you different.

In conjunction with brand development I ensure your visual identity matches your new brand statement. The look of your organisation will colour how people think about you. People do “judge a book by its cover”, so you need to make sure the first impression counts as positive.

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