Brains for hire, to help your business

Business can institutionalise you; especially your own business. It is easy for organisations to lose track of their brand. As management changes over time, it can be difficult to recognise why you are in business in the first place.

This is when you need a bit of objectivity. Not the kind of objectivity that comes from an accountant but the objectivity that comes from someone experienced in lateral thinking.

Thinking outside the box is not everyone’s province and probably your team has been told what to do so often it has actually stop thinking outside of the box. Staying inside the box because is safer.

That’s where my ‘Brains for hire’ scheme pays off. You get a fully fledged creative thinker dropped into your management team to stir things up.

I, or one of my associates will be able to see things you and your team can’t. Someone with practical creative thinking skills that can make intellectual leaps to solve business problem and recognise business opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Companies get moribund and tired, I can put a zip into your business and spot the fatal mistakes many organisations make. Using a creative thinker can create a new sense of urgency.

It works because I don’t have the baggage your team have. They will remember that so-and-so is always done it this way or, the fact that colour green is off-limits because the MD doesn’t like it. I am on hand to sacrifice all the sacred cows.

If you want a literal whack on the side of the head call me on 07938928913